Paris In A Past Life

Just before Paris Hilton’s sex tape was leaked and she started her climb to evidently becoming the most important person on the planet, I was hired to read at a poshy pre-Oscar gifting suite where surprise, surprise Ms. Royalty herself was confirmed to attend. It was March of 2003, before everyone and their publicist’s mother started promoting swag suites. Paris was scheduled to get a reading, but as destiny would have it, the appointment for her reading conflicted with her opportunity to pick out more freebies, and the freebies won.

That would have been an awesome reading, at least for me. To get to look into the past lives of Paris and see who the heck she was and what the hell she did to deserve the life she is having now, wow. I’ve read a lot of celebrities, but that reading would have been uniquely enlightening. I could if I wanted psychically look at Paris Hilton from a far. I’ve stood near and sat in view of her many a night, just happening to be out at the same place, at the time, living life in Hollywood. I’ve even heard from someone who did her makeup on The Simple Life, that she had a Maneki Neko Lucky Cat PsychicGirl Possession Protector hanging from her key ring (obviously not anymore)! But without her agreeing to and actually taking part in a one on one reading with me, I just don’t play that game. I believe that people have the right to choose to have their space psychically invaded into or not, even if you are Paris Hilton.

For everyone who has such an issue with Paris and her fame over just being herself, or this ‘dumb self” she has just admitted to playing, the girl has obviously done something right somewhere to live the life she is living now (prejail). A great teacher I once heard of had to spend time in prison, unjustly (and I’m not saying Paris’ time in the slammer is unjust or not). I heard stories about how this individual not only made friends with but shared their mastery with everyone in their presence while they was incarcerated. I could so see Paris doing that, once she adjusted to life in jail. If she was allowed to mingle with the other inmates, she would naturally teach the other prisoners how to look hot in their jail jumpsuits and then partake in doing each others hair.

I’ve written before about how we all want to hear we were kings and queens in a past life. That if we are blessed enough to discover who we were in that past, our objective is to see if our personality has actually grown so that we can move forward in our attempt at mastering life and death on earth. In what I do for a living, calling out people on their patterns comes with the job. It seems that Paris’ behaviors are telling quite a similar tale that’s been told in history before and that was recently played out in Sophia Coppola’s last movie. Just maybe the spirit of Marie Antoinette might be back in ways more than just the film house (and currently in the slammer).

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One Response to “Paris In A Past Life”

  1. Neil Says:

    As a professional Astrologer, our Birth Charts give us amazing information on our “past lives” as well as our bloodline, ancestry and what we are here working on in this lifetime. I’ve been doing this 14 yrs amazing material and depth to the field, and allows for both right and left brain connections with the material. I’ve yet to venture into Paris’ chart – but I do share her name (as my last name – Neil D Paris. I get quite a few comments on that right now!

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