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Being sensitive comes with the territory of being psychic. I’ve learned the hard way that any random thing in my environment can set me off into the land of feeling unbalanced. Ant traps, jet fuel, even cheap vodka are all culprits that have messed with my well being. Odds are that you too are more sensitive to your environment than you think. You might believe you have a flu that just wont go away, when in reality, your home’s walls are infected with mold. This could drive anyone crazy. In this world of instant gratification, popping a prescription pill (and it’s not so nice side effects) are not your only option for finding relief.

I recently found myself so out of sorts I was seriously considering going on antidepressants. Yes, me the queen of alternative healing was on my way to a western doctor’s office when instead I took myself to my friend Gila’s. Gila B. Varis L.AC, R.N. is a Chinese Herbalist, but she is so much more than that. This woman is an amazing healer who has saved both my health and my sanity many times. With just one dose of herbs made specifically for my symptoms, she helped me to feel like myself again, before I even left her office.

Gila has a Masters in Acupuncture and is a Registered Nurse. She is one of only a handful of people who practice a specialized form of oriental medical therapy founded by M.M. Van Benschoten, O.M.D., M.A., C.A. that combines both Acupoint Biophoton testing (a form of measuring light at our bodies acupressure points) and Omura’s O-Ring testing (an advanced form of muscle testing) that makes for an extremely accurate way of diagnosing one’s symptoms. I love that Gila is not afraid to combine Western medicine with Eastern practices. She actually muscle tested me to see what antidepressants would work best for my body. She got out her medical books and read me the side effects of the drugs I was considering until I laughed at myself for even thinking about going on prescription medicine and demanded that she just do her thing to whip me up one of her herbal remedies.

I’ve learned from Gila that whatever is going on inside of us (intestinally) totally affects what is going on with our head, both in it emotionally, and on it physically (like your skin breaking out or your hair falling out can all be due to the current chemistry going on inside your pipes)! In my case I had a little unfriendly bacteria making me a whole lot wacky. Gila saved my sanity the natural way, no prescription drugs needed.

Contact: gilabvaris at hotmail dot com

When seeking out any form of alternative therapy, protect yourself by getting a solid recommendation by someone you know and trust, who’s had a positive hands on experience with the practitioner you are considering. Happy healing!


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One Response to “PsychicStyle – Herbal Prozac”

  1. psychic also Says:

    Thank you, thank you thank you. It’s so good to hear someone else describe what it’s like to be psychic and just how sensitive we are. It’s so hard. And the direct connnection between the intentines and the mind, for real! I’m experiencing that right now. Plus I’m considering going to see Dr Von Benschoten tomorrow and I’m nervous, so this blog entry helped sway me…

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