My Psychic Life On Young Hollywood

My new column!

Being a psychic is no bed of roses. I seriously would not wish it upon my worst enemy. But then again, I have no enemies because if I am all seeing, and all knowing, I obviously am able to tell if someone is my friend or foe, before I even meet them, right? Ha, if you only knew what it was really like to see life through my eyes. It just might open yours.

When it came to choosing a profession, it’s not like I sat around debating between the possibilities of becoming an actress or a clothing designer and then ditched it all for this brilliant plan to make my life really easy by going after becoming a professional psychic. I never asked to become this super sensitive freak of nature that with one small mention of her profession scares off any attractive available member of the opposite sex. Or whose casual conversations get completely misconstrued by the people she is trying to impress. Or just by working her trade has her health and well-being invaded by things that are completely invisible to the human eye. For the record, I didn’t pick being psychic, it picked me.

Even though this psychic thing is becoming more accepted, It seems I can’t escape the past life memories of being burned at the stake. When some random guy asks me what I do for a living, I’d love to just tell him I work in Public Relations. But I suck at lying. So I tell the truth which of course provokes a reaction. I can’t pick the winning lottery numbers for myself, but I can predict when someone is about to turn stand-up comedian and tell some lame joke about how I should have already known I was going to meet him (insert eyes rolling here).

I know, I sound a little less than thrilled to be here. You would too if you walked a mile in my shoes. (Do you even know how hard it is to find cute shoes in size eleven?) Like Paris Hilton says, “I have worked my ass off to get where I am.” I’ve built my career by whoring myself out in the streets of New York to every magazine editor that would have me. Then moved on to national television forecasting really important things like who’s going to win an Emmy or what numbers will come up on a roulette wheel in Vegas. I sell spirituality to the masses, yet I ponder if the big guy upstairs is kosher with my tactics.

It’s no wonder I’ve developed an addiction to perezhilton where I fantasize about having a more Gossip Girl-like-life. Living in Hollywood, I’ve had my share of party girl nights, or at least I’ve tried too. But the last time I checked..make that every time I check…being psychic on this planet does not equal the type of cool or hotness one must possess to effortlessly make it past doormen and velvet ropes.

All of this can take a lot of out of a girl who’s just going along doing the only thing she knows how to do. For even though I didn’t apply for the position, I somehow landed a gig preparing for the ultimate party. The one that comes after ALL of this. The one where Hollywood fame, fortune and power doesn’t grant you any VIP pull for getting on the guest list.

Celebrity Psychic Justine Kenzer really does love her job, reads people from all walks of life and from all over the world through her website


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