PsychicGirl Reading Question & Answer

Question: I have been seeing a new man, he is younger than me, yet so far I have had thoughts that he is an older, wiser soul than meets the eye. Is he older than his numeric years? Was he sent to me to teach and inspire me? We have a deep connection and it feels timeless.
 Thanks, B.

Answer: B, I don’t know if you believe in past lives, but I do, and only because I have been shown a thousand times how this past life thing plays out in the work I do. Pretty much every person in your life including you… you can bet has been going around and around the carousel of life and death for quite some time now, some us even since the beginning of time. So it is safe to assume that your new man has been around a time or two or ten before. Your thoughts of him being older is best explained as you using your own intuitive abilities to tune into his energy and sense this.

So let’s get to the goods here. I see that you have known this young man before in a past life, however it has been a very long time since you have come in contact with this spirit. The last time you did… I have to warn you that the outcome was not one of happily ever after. Never being one to dance around what I see… Your guides are showing me this past life connection where you were the mother figure and this young man was your son (and this is very common as many people you cross paths with in your life you’ve had past life experience with… this is the energy that drawls you together again giving you the opportunity to work out your unfinished stuff.) The time and place of what I am seeing here is long ago in Egypt. I see that against your will your infant son was taken away from you and you never saw him again. (Ouch.) So you can bet there are parts of you now that are ecstatic to reconnect with him again.

As far as you wanting to know if he is “the one” sent to yadda yadda… I’m going to let you in on a little secret here…(take a deep breath.) No one up above has pre-picked who is going to end up with who. Destiny is not set in stone… If it was, we wouldn’t have that little thing called free will. So was he sent to you, no. The two of you create coming together by having a mutual desire out there that drew you together. Now you might be weird-ed out over the fact that I saw your past connection as mother and son, and I want you to know that that does not mean that you can’t have a romantic relationship that works this time around. Relationships are all about choice, period… and you defiantly are not his mother this time around.

When I look at the two of you I do see a fast felt mutual connection. I see the two of you spending a great deal of time together, I see him wanting to share his energy with you. I see that this relationship can continue to deepened and that both of you are looking for the same thing. Looks like this relationship has great opportunity to be a lasting one that very well could lead to some type of proposal (emphasis on the word some) if not the (okay I said “THE”) proposal you are seeking. (Wow, did I really say that?)

NOW, because of what I just told you… Please know that this does not mean you are in desperate need of an event planner. Again your destiny is up to the two of you, not me. You have an opportunity that the two of you have the choice to fulfill. So I’m giving you my PsychicGirl disclaimer because I must say that I don’t get to see and say what I saw here very often! Know that I say what I said with caution… as I only want for you what you want for yourself and I wouldn’t ever want to place some unrealistic expectation in your space that could cause you to obsess over it and send your opportunity in a whole different direction… Remember that the only thing you have control over in this life is yourself and the moment you are in… So now try to forget everything I said (ha, right, easier said than done.) Just continue to show up and enjoy what the two of you are creating here together and stay in the moment and trust that all of those moments will add up to the future that the two of you desire. Good Job!

B’S RESPONSE: Wow. Very cool stuff. REALLY cool… Scary how it kinda fits. I had a great amount of sadness (not crying like) but a strange HEAVY something when he and I first started hanging out. A friend even noticed it. I feel a sense of peace with him that I have not felt in a long time. Your reading was really great. The openness of it. I understand what you mean about destiny and being in the moment. In a way, I already knew what you have told me. This was really amazing. Thanks again, B.


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