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Fashion’s moon is moving into the seventh house

Gypsy chic is so yesterday in the fashion world. The truly trend forward are dumping their raggedy layers of crystal ball-gazing bohemian style in favor of a more futuristic, almost New Age, aesthetic. These are few of the looks being sported by members of the Age of Aquarius, circa 2009:

Crystal Point Jewelry: Those who’ve managed to hang on to their junior high jewelry boxes are scoring in the form of crystal point pendants that are once again in vogue. Popular in the ’90s among girls who probably had far more familiarity with a Ouija board than with tarot cards, jewelry once relegated to cultish spirituality shops is now being sported among the hipster set. While those who no longer have their prepubescent accessory collections are looking to eBay to recapture those nostalgic treasures; a number of current, more fashion-oriented, jewelry designers are creating in-demand modernist takes on quartz baubles. Unearthen’s still incredibly popular bullet-encased crystals have spawned countless similar pieces in the Etsy marketplace. We can’t say for sure who conceived the idea first, but the Etsy versions are certainly more in keeping with the budget afforded by a middle school allowance.

Intergalactic Prints: Florals may be all the rage this summer, but we think the next big trend in prints is going to be a more cosmic take on the natural world. Already seen in the form of celestial tie-dying techniques, as sported by Katy Perry in this blog post, outer space prints are showing up on and off the runway. Similarly far out, Shabd Simon-Alexander’s press-grabbing collection of hand-dyed cotton basics is inspired by Hubble telescope photos. And the Fall 2009 collection, entitled “Crystalarium” from rising indie fashion label Vena Cava, features glamorous holographic sequins and patterns that appear plucked straight from a planetarium by way of a prism. We expect the stars to align for constellation prints to soon join the trend.

Triangles: Geometry class’ most spiritual shape is suddenly de rigueur. Self-described “Band, Belief System, and Business” YACHT is very closely associated with the shape, both referencing it in their mission statement and even going so far as to hand out pamphlets, entitled Why Triangles?, that explain their appropriation of the triangle as a band icon. The universal mysticism of the shape is appealing not only in its openness to interpretation, but also in its aesthetic. Perhaps also born out of the Egyptian motif trend, bold triangle graphics are being seen all over the fashion landscape. Popular among the crowd along Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn designer Mary Meyer has become well-known for her hip triangle-printed wares, while even the controversial yet still undeniably trendsetting American Apparel recently introduced a triangle print to its roster. While it’s yet to over-saturate the design world, we’ll take the triangle over yet another deer silhouette any day.


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