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A READING with Celebrity Psychic…PsychicGirl
Posted by christabellescloset on June 29, 2009

When Will I Win the Lottery??…by Christabelle

Anyone who knows me for five minutes, knows about my obsession with psychics. Since I was a youngster, I have been fascinated by the mystical and metaphysical, saving my money to treat myself to psychic readings twice a year. I have had my share of “bad” experiences…including one who told me I would never have kids and one who told me I was a witch in my past life (yes…two things NO woman wants to hear). But when my path crossed with Justine Kenzer (AKA PsychicGirl), she became my one and only.

Justine gave me my first reading over the computer, which I thought would be a bit impersonal – how could her psychic guides read me throught the world wide web. My reading wound up being not only warm and comforting – it also resulted in a HUGE WOW moment in my life. Justine sprinkled my reading with humor, kind words and honesty – alongside her true clairvoyent abilities to read into my past, present and future. Her insight is remarkable and her predictions freakishly on target. With celebrity clients like Eva Longoria, Teri Hatcher, Karen Allen, Carmen Electra and Suzanne Sommers…would you expect any less? Now, on year six of knowing and loving Justine, she has become not only my personal ‘PsychicGirl‘ but a dear friend whose talent and skills continue to overwhelm me with every reading. Skeptics are welcome – you will walk away with your jaw dropped to the floor wondering to yourself ‘how does this stunning, fashionable, raven haired woman do it?’…I have stopped asking her how and just learned to trust her visions and know she always has an eye out for my best interests. Read what her other clients are saying if you don’t believe me (which you always should!) by clicking HERE.

Readings with PsychicGirl Justine Kenzer can be arranged via phone, in person and even over IM! Yes, technology has definitely caught up with this ancient tradition. Book in advance – PsychicGirl has a bevy of clients that keep her booked up pretty solid. And know your money has been well earned and spent as a 30-45 minute reading will cost you $200 (via PayPal). Have a question about readings? Contact her at

Now here comes the reallllly good part…PsychicGirl is giving one lucky Christabelle’s Closet reader and shopper a FREE 30-45 minute reading (a $200 value).

Just hop over to and come back here and add a comment to this post on why you think Justine Kenzer – PSYCHICGIRL – is the coolest, most talented psychic around! Contest closes on July 10, 2009 (Midnight EST). ONE lucky winner will be chosen on July 11, 2009. Winner will be notified directly via email and will be responsible for setting up their own appointment. No purchase necessary. US residents only. Must be 18 to enter. Void where prohibited. One entry only, please!


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4 Responses to “PsychicGirl Press – Win A Free Reading”

  1. sujata dechoudhury Says:

    justine is the best psychic around!! my friend bianca raves about her and says she’s predicted many milestones in her life. i would love to win a free reading! thank you.

  2. Orissa Tri Says:

    would be interested in experiencing PsyhicGirl’s entrepreneur reading skills…thanks!

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