PsychicGirl Love, Healing Happens!

Just got this email from a client and am posting with her permission.

“I’m feeling good – really good! Like a weights been lifted off of me. I got a lot of closure on things that have been bugging me lately so I’m very happy I had a reading with you.

I think one of the main things I learned is that I do have a lot of great energy to give. It was SO nice and healing hearing you say that to me. I realized I’ve just been giving a lot of it to the wrong people. God knows why I would want to in the first place?!

Also, what’s funny is the minute I let go of a lot of that negative energy, guys from the past started coming out of the wood works. The “ex” emailed me, I got a text from a guy in the past that hurt me and ran into an old friend who I had a falling out with.

I read on your site a quote from a client of yours saying that a session with you is better than 20 years of therapy. I’ve been going to therapy for the past year and I feel the same way. So thank you, thank you!!”

– A Very Happy PsychicGirl Client

Which makes me, Justine, love my job!


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