PsychicStyle – Freedom From Food

A PsychicGirl Approved Healing Event

Freedom From Food with Patricia Bisch

I am passing on my friend Patricia’s Teleseminar on Finding Freedom From Food.

Patricia has mastered being able to EAT whatever she wants and not gain weight. She teaches others how they can master it also and is offering a one time special group teleseminar. Please contact her directly if you wish to take part.

Below is the information on what she is offering:

I am excited to update you on the current opportunities to be part of the Freedom From Food Journey.

Bring a Friend for 1/2 price! I have decided to extend this offer to help those who are in financial difficulties at this time. Please sign up at

I am excited to announce that I will be starting a weekly group to delve deeper into the FFF material. I will take you through the practices and coach you through the 2 week healing process where you will demonstrate on yourself that your mind can actually change your body. I will help you take a stand, and teach you how to deal with the saboteurs that have kept you from having a perfectly proportioned body. After 30 years of permanently being healed I am well equipped to deal with any thoughts and fears that might arise.

“I think that a support group is an essential component of doing Freedom From Food. We live in a culture that is inundated with ‘Fear of Food’ consciousness and messaging. Patricia’s on-line conference call format is of invaluable help in strengthening our thinking from a new perspective, getting tips and support for following the program, and reconnecting with the truth of this work from the testimonials of other participants. I would definitely recommend this call to anyone doing the program on their own, and groups might use it as a way to empower their collective energy in a common direction.” (Participant)

I will be accepting 20 committed people only. The fee will be $75 per weekly session for approx. 16-18 weeks.The teleseminar will start on Wed. June 10th 4:00-5:30 PST. All participants must have the CD, book and affirmation cards, available on the website. This is a one time offer so give yourself this gift of support. As this class may well fill up quickly, please email me right away if you would like me to hold a place for you at:


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