Psychic Police – The Truth Behind Swine Flu

Taken from an email from my friend Mony Vital of Energenic Balancing

This Swine flu is a man made combination of 3 different flu from the past. It has been in it’s last testing stages. Mexico was the testing ground. This flu is a product of pharmaceutical experimental in creating dependency on vaccine therapy. It seems that vaccine therapy is the new frontier in medication. It works best when there is an emotional need as an outcome of scared costumers.

Viruses such as swine flu are concocted by bio-chemical warfare specialists in laboratories. They being bio-chemical engineers and specialists, have been doing this for a very long time.

This most recent swine flu frenzy is a public health scare tactic to terrorize the fragile-minded public and push the government-Big Pharma agenda. This is all this is, folks!

Swine flu virus is nothing but an attempt to get a national flu vaccine program legislated. Since the American people won’t vote for it, government and the pharmaceutical industry will simply attempt to scare the people into accepting their national flu vaccine program which will bring in billions of dollars (or Ameros) for the pharmaceutical companies.

I personally think that all vaccine can cause more harm then the suggested benefits.

I suggest the rinsing of the mouth twice a day is essential. I rinse my mouth in morning and evening before bed time. I use 3% of hydrogen peroxide, gargle for minimum of 30 seconds. Of course, wash your hands more often and do not touch your face with your hand as you do normally.

For those of you who want perpetual prevention 24/7, The Energetic Balancing program is an amazing backup plan for your health and well-being.


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