Not Predicting the Presidential Win

Evidently a website named Prophecies R Us was mentioned on CNN the night of the election. I received a Google alert that someone calling themselves PsychicGirl made a prediction that “McCain would win the presidential election in 2008,” and said a bunch of other crap about how they have been tested at a university and and and oy, yoy, yoy. Even though I’ve owned the trademark for the name PsychicGirl since 1999, sadly I have no control over random people posting on website message boards, including this person. Normally I wouldn’t even comment on something like this, but this girl (as in me) has a reputation to protect.

So please know that PsychicGirl Justine Kenzer, doesn’t do worldly predictions. Some psychics do, like my friends The Psychic Twins who predicted 9/11 on national radio, they amaze me. (But they also said Hillary would win for Prez, maybe they were looking at a future year?) My work is about individual transformation, predicting and healing the earthshaking moments in your personal life. Because in reality, anything that I am emotionally attached to the outcome of, I can’t see. This is why I can not use my psychic ability to read for myself, and any other psychic who says they can, I question.

Anytime a psychic makes a prediction that is publicly recorded and comes to light, it obviously proves that psychic ability is in fact very real. Earlier in my career I put myself out there in some pretty risky ways. I almost blew my squeaky clean reputation by going on E! and predicting Emmy nominations. They gave me a list of eighty names and had me pick the five who would be nominated. This was done two weeks before the actual nominations were released. The morning the nominations came out I was an emotional mess, questioning what I heck I had done to myself. I hid in bed with my head under the covers for the first round of airing. For the second, I finally got the guts to face my own predictions. I decided that if I didn’t get them right, it was all in good fun (right.) But wow, who knew I would get them all right, I didn’t. Come the day of the actual Emmy nominations, I had not only got them right but also had picked the winner (Jennifer Aniston!) Fast forward to the following year, I had also predicted that winner on that tape that year before (Debra Messing.) On that accomplishment I proudly retired from ever doing crazy psychic stunts like that again! That was until I did the best reality show ever to be on TV (not so much). On Mark Burnett’s The Casino on Fox, I gave people numbers and specifics to gamble with in Vegas, where many of them won, AND then I retired from the stunts!

So back to my disclaimer to the universe; the real Psychic Girl (trademarked) won’t ever be running a muck making predictions on random message boards. I’m very happy to be right here, reading you, at my own domain.


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One Response to “Not Predicting the Presidential Win”

  1. tuxedopenguin Says:

    Jeanne Dixon predicted JFK’s win and assassination. Her prediction was public in 1956, years before it came true. She’s also on record predicting Richard Nixon’s election.

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