Psychic Celebrity – Justine Names Suzanne’s Best Selling Book for the Second Time

 psychicgirl names suzanne somers breakthrough

First there was AGELESS, and now there is BREAKTHROUGH, both books names in readings Suzanne  Somers had with Justine. When Suzanne and her publishers were stumped on what to call her book on Biodentical Hormones, during a phone reading with Suzanne, Justine took one psychic look and downloaded the name “Ageless”. With everyone extremely happy with the name, Suzanne came to Justine when it was time to name her next book and again mission effortlessly accomplished!

The best part about this story is that I was at Ralph’s, late at night after a very long day of appointments outside of my home. I saw “Breakthrough” at the store for the first time, picked it up and thumbed through it, and then put it back on the shelf. When I finally arrived home, there was a package at my door. I opened it to find that Suzanne had sent me a signed copy that arrived the same day, long before my trip to the supermarket.

She wrote: To Justine, You named it again, Love Suzanne 2008

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