PsychicStyle – Be Your Own Love Guru

Justine Kenzer – Hollywood ’s own psychic extraordinaire
– your personal expert in everything holistic!

See The Love Guru this weekend…and after that….
Get your “enlightenment freak” on and bring love into your life!

You can let go of making a list of specifics; or visualizing your perfect partner or affirming affection will come…

Just simply try these easy love luring natural products…and let the love flow!

Wish For Love – L.O.V.E. stands for laws of vibrational healing. Just place the Love Charger poster made from the secret science of sacred geometry between your mattress and box spring and forget about it. Don’t be surprised when you quickly start to release stress and free up your energy to attract a lot more of what you want in all areas of your life including love!

LifeBeat Romance Spray – Bio-energetic activation technology that produces an instantaneous energetic shift resulting in immediately available performance enhancement characteristics (in English = it puts you in balance). They call it digital coherence performance activation. All I know is it works!

H2OM Love WaterDr. Masaru Emoto (that water scientist dude from What The Bleep’s) official water. Vibrationally charged spring water that’s bottled and labeled with the intention of love. Drink, be, and attract likeness.

Bach Holly Flower Essences – you might have heard of the Rescue Remedy that’s used for any emotional experience you need instant relief from. Dr. Bach says that the flower essence of holly counteracts the absence of love. Put a few drops directly under your tongue or put it in water and sip.  

Rose Quartz – In the psychic and spiritual realm it’s dubbed the love stone and said to open one’s heart. It is often used to attract love for spells. Find a piece of jewelry you like and wear it close to your heart, or put a rock on your desk, dresser or shine.

Herbal Magic Reiki Charged Love Candles – these candles are old school, they have been around forever, designed to attract “one” to you, they are made with olive, patchouli, rose, clove and lavender oils. Each candle comes withan affirmation (okay, I snuck an affirmation in..) and an inspirational message. Light and burn with your own intention in mind.


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