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In South America they have a superstition of hanging an Aloe Vera plant near or behind the door of a vampire to ward it off it‘s evil. I wonder how well that would work here in the states to protect one against the energy vampires sucking you dry in your daily life? Yet walking around with a stem of Aloe stuck under your shirt could be a bit awkward or painful, and with over 180 species and 2,200 varieties of Aloe available on the planet, how would one know just which type to use?

Enter Corium21 to the rescue. Long before the days of Cleopatra, Aloe Vera has been used for it’s rejuvenating and healing properties both in and on the body. Those darn naturalists knew it all along throughout the ages and now science has now proven it, Aloe contains antiseptic agents that fight infections, reduce pain and are anti-inflammatory.

Corium21 contains genuine Barbadenzis Miller, the Aloe species with the most potent healing properties in the world. It is even used in hospital burn units for it’s exceptional healing results. Corium21 has shown positive results on all kinds of skin issues from acne to stretch marks and lots of icky skin conditions in between. I once fell down a mountain (actually twice, but we won’t go there…) and broke the fall with my face, just days before I was to make an appearance on the red carpet for E!. Corium21 worked wonders in how quick it helped my face to a super speedy recovery. I like to call it Buffy in a bottle.

Okay, maybe it can’t ward off the supernatural, but it can take vampiric looking skin, perform a total moisture transfusion and make messed up skin mend miraculously.


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