PsychicStyle – Wen


Finding a capable hairdresser in today’s world is equal to overcoming a spiritual conquest in itself. So it would make sense that the most important men of early tribes were of all people, barbers.

Back in the day, barbers were known as medicine men and priests. The superstitious primitive man believed that both good and bad spirits entered the body through the hairs on one’s head. They thought that bad spirits could only be driven out by cutting the hair, making the barber the most important man in the community. Barbers were the chief figures in religious ceremonies where hair was hung loosely over the shoulders so that the not so nice spirits could find their way free. After tribe members danced the evils spirits away, long hair was cut and combed back tightly keeping the good spirits in and the bad spirits out.

Chaz Dean, hairdresser to many a celeb in Hollywood has obviously reincarnated from his past life as a tribal medicine man-barber, to bring our modern world and your stressed out tresses what could be the best hair healing product ever, called Wen. With Wen you throw away your normal shampoo and just use this conditioner that cleanses without lathering, because it is sulfate-free (which is an evil spirit of its own kind). Chaz has succeeded in concocting a magical spell over this supernatural restorative potion, because it works wonders the very first time you use it, adding sheen, luster, moisture and manageability. Color lasts longer and as a long time user, I believe it makes your hair grow faster.

Age of Aquarius Hair is not only here, but with Wen, it’s obtainable.


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