LiLo Losing It

You can only run so far, until there is nowhere left in the universe to hide, for even at Club Hyde, your karma will catch up with you.

So just what the heck is karma? Karma is not defined as good or bad as most people think. Karma just is. Meaning whatever energy you put out into the universe, does comes back to you, it’s as simple as that. Like it or not, somewhere in some past (life) each one of us have had some experience of using money, sex or power, to have power over another person. It may take a few hundred lifetimes or just a few years in one life, but at some point when the universe deems it so, wham! You win an abundant supply of the very stuff you once gave away.

Karma can also be described as cause and effect. It’s how you have made other people feel and what you’ve caused other people to experience, coming back around for you to experience, giving you an opportunity to change, grow and heal.

The usually lucky Lindsey’s money, sex or power karma, or perhaps in this case, a little late-night-after-hours-party cocktail of it all, has finally, unluckily caught up with her. Will she choose to change her ways and regain her right place on her spiritual path? Time will only tell. And for now she has a whole lot of that.


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