PsychicStyle – Astara


Interested in developing your own psychic and healing abilities? I suggest Astara. So many people are caught up in the phenomena side of psychicness, when the focus should be on spirituality. As you develop spiritually, your own natural psychic and healing abilities naturally start to develop. With the whole psychic thing becoming fashionably hip, there is a lot out there to choose from and 99.9% of it in my opinion, is crap. If you are going to open yourself up to communicating with spirit, I suggest you be a little picky about who you are opening yourself up to. Don’t you think?

Astara was founded in 1951 and has thousands of members around the world. The have created an amazingly organized system of teaching spiritual tools and truths through the Astara’s Book of Life Degree Lessons. If you choose to become part of Astara, for a nominal amount you can receive these lessons by snail mail to read and try out all at your own pace.

You can also send a prayer request for anything you would like healing on whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual, right over the internet, regardless if you are a member or not.


Happy Development!


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