A Peace of Britney

britney spears

When Britney was preggers with her first baby, People Magazine did this life stopping story where they had me and several other psychics predict the sex of the baby. So I took my second psychic look at the then queen of pop and got that she was having a boy. I risked my rep and allowed People to print what I saw. Luckily (ok maybe not so much luck, but thankfully I got it right and) a boy Britney did have.

Can any of us be so shocked with what happen to Britney? In what I have witnessed and experienced, light and dark on this planet are very real, it’s what gives us freewill. It really is a choice where you chose to vibrate your energy. Britney shot to fame, a beacon of light that was so sparkly and bright, everyone wanted a piece of it. Ever wonder why performers, at least good ones make so much money? Because they are healers, at least they are healing you when you listen to their music or watch a performance and feel moved by it. Britney’s energy was such a bright light, can there be any question of why the dark came after her?

Imagine what it would be like to have so many people thinking about you at the same time. One might start to feel a little claustrophobic even if you are home alone. We never really stop to comprehend how everything in this universe is made up of energy. Britney has had an entire world of people in her space holding on to little bits of her. Listening to her music, watching her videos, buying her merchandise, everyone one of those things whether you comprehend it or not, actually contain a piece of her energetically. If you were waking around with the just about every person on this planet focusing on you, you might be lead to trying to get out of your head by consuming a foreign substance or two, especially if you have no other tools to deal with it.

Heck, even if you have tools to deal with it, other people’s energy in your space and just plain old life can at times suck. I can relate, I have no issue sharing that I’ve spent so much time being so in my body doing spiritual stuff, I’ve defiantly in my past experimented with alternative substances to get out of it. I’m just such a super sensitive freak of nature, I quickly experienced that that chemicals and PsychicGirl, as fun as they may be in the moment, are shortly followed by anything but being in balance. PsychicGirl by day and party girl by night does not a good healer make, at least for me it doesn’t.

My first look at Britney happen several years earlier, I was up at Sundance and in a restaurant sitting at a table next to hers. I can guarantee you that being psychic is not like anything you think it is. I do not walk around psychically on twenty-four-seven. I have plenty of stuff going on in my own life that as extra curricular activity I don’t go around peering into others people’s stuff for fun. So when I’m not working the last thing I want to do is look at someone else’s stuff, even if it is Britney Spears. With that said, I will now totally contradict myself here and say that, in the two seconds that I did observe her, it was apparent to me that Britney seemed like she was looking for something that she wasn’t finding and I’m not talking about on a physical level. It seemed that she was going though all the motions of trying to fill herself up with what was around her, but it just wasn’t doing the trick.

Britney not only has all of humanity haunting her space, her mind, body, and soul have now became so marinated with altering substances, the girl is no where near the essence of who she really is at this point. There is a reason they call alcohol “spirits.” Addiction and how I have psychically seen it, becomes a game of attachment. Some not so nice dark and scary energies attach themselves to the person who is using. The user becomes an all you can eat buffet as the life force is sucked from them on every level. Britney has so many rips and tears and foreign suckers dining on her energies there is no way the girl could be anything but bonkers right now. Wouldn’t you be? Her actions right now are not really her but the crap in her space, however she totally gets to take responsibility for it because she is the one who opened the door and let them in.

The beautiful thing is that any situation can be healed, alchemy can be performed and anything can be turned around as long as the person who’s hosting the party wants it to. Addiction takes a lot more than just getting sober. As out there as it sounds, in this case something like a subtle exorcism needs to be performed as it does for anyone trying to get sober (I know that makes me sound just as crazy as Britney has been acting.) For any addict, until these blood suckers are completely removed, there will always be a temptation taunting one to become a buffet again.

Since I so believe in that freewill that we all have, I like to call myself the kosher psychic, which means that I don’t invade anyone’s space by forcing healing upon them without them asking for it. So even thought I know how to go after these energies and decimate their existence, here form PsychicGirl World, all I can do is send a psychic message filled with love (more like a strong hit over the head) that Britney finds her way to kick these scary monsters invading her space to the curb and close the door behind them for good. Here’s to wishing you that your light reign victorious over the dark, and then some, girl.


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3 Responses to “A Peace of Britney”

  1. r Says:

    Wow! You know I never really thought of our energy like that but it so makes sense! Thank you for blogging about this. It’s really opened my eyes.

  2. Tricia Says:

    the night that Brit shaved her head I dreamt of her. First of all, I’m a 39 yr. old mom of 3 who doesn’t really follow the pop princess so intuitively when I heard what had happened it put the dream and the energy with her together. Secondly, I really felt that what is going on with her is a tortured soul kind of thing, I personally believe that all issues in everyone’s human experience are spiritually and energy related, whether it is substance abuse or physical abuse, depression, etc.. We can only send her light and hope that she is able to find her true self and control her energy on her own with the help of her guides and angels. There is a spiritual solution to every problem 😉 !

  3. Lindsey Says:

    I wonder whether either Britney or her writers read this article before writing her new song “Piece of Me.”

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