Tortured Soul Anna Nicole

anna nicole

The last time I believe the world was so taken a back by a single death was Princess Diana. Strange since the two women live such different lives. But a shocking experience is a shocking experience. Even if there was one person on the planet who didn’t see Anna Nicole’s life as a wobbly train wreck that had already run off it’s track on its way to crash, it’s still a WTF situation. Especially since she just had all that great new plastic surgery done. I was certainly watching in awe wanting to know who her doctor was for when I’m ready to go under the knife.

I’m not, NOT being compassionate here, I’m just being a realist who’s a psychic who’s sharing her point of view. I don’t in anyway care about or want to change your belief system, I’m just blogging about mine.

You know they say these things happen in threes. First James Brown croaks, then Anna Nicole drops, so okay who’s next? I’ve psychically looked at a lot of dead people. It’s so not my favorite thing to do but, it happens to come with the territory I live, work and breath in. Sometimes I see people who have passed clearly and other times I don’t. It’s like people who were not that social when they were living. You can’t get someone to come out and play if they don’t want to. And that dead word, I’ve come to discover that we actually don’t die, we just lose our physical body, while our spirit stays very much alive.

Sometimes when people pass, their spirit gets stuck around where they died, (this is why homes and cemeteries can be haunted – a whole other subject that isn’t my favorite…) Other times they go to a place where they hang out completely comatose in a deep slumber where they can remain for eons of time while some people cross right on over. The other side is not what most people think, it can seems a lot like the life we live on earth, we just lose our physical body. This pretty much means that there is no easy way out of our crap. When you take your own life, (and i’m not saying Anna did) not only do you have all your existing issues and problems, now you don’t have your physical body to help you work out everything out. Killing yourself is a pretty expensive way to discover that there isn’t anywhere to escape or hide in the universe, dead or not when it comes to working out your stuff.

Psychically looking at Anna Nicole, the woman was on so many different chemical substances she was a walking zombie, literally. When some is an addict, at a certain point, so many dark, scary, leachy things attach themselves and start to feed off ones life force energy, what’s left of that person is no where near the true essence of who they started out to be. They become a walking, talking haunted house or in this case, cemetery in their own body. You don’t have to be psychic to see that poor Anna Nicole was hosting a slew of party monsters that just wouldn’t go home, inside. When I was in my twenties, my cousin died of an overdose. I wasn’t really close to him, but of anyone in my family he and I were the most alike, both super creative types, he was a gay artist and we both lived in San Francisco at the same time for a short while. After he died, my life took a really hard turn for the worst. I lost my job, I lost my living situation, I got into a car accident, all this crazy victim shit I couldn’t explain started happening to me. This was during the beginning of my psychic development days. I belonged to this place I like to call my “psychic boot camp training.” One day I dragged myself into the place, exhausted and feeling like I could take my own life at any moment. I asked one of my teachers for some much needed help to unlock the mystery of just what the hell was going on with me. What she looked and found and proceeded to tell me…was the last thing I would have ever pieced together on my own.

Evidently my cousin and I had some karmic agreement to check out at the same time. “Well screw that, I wasn’t ready to go just yet.” The teacher explained that he was reaching out from his grave trying to drag me into dead dome with him. Maybe he was, my life sure felt that way. After some massive detachement and healing, I was slowly but surely able to get my life back on track. At the time I was pissed, but now I see it like my cousin was reaching out for help to the only person he thought could actually help him.

When people die close together in time, like Christopher and Dana Reeves, they can have already made previous arrangements to check out at the same time. Sadly this doesn’t guarantee that they are going to end up in the same place on the other side. You think the world is messed up on this side of the earth’s crust, what makes you think it’s any different on the other side? What you do with your consciousness while you are here has everything to do with how it’s going to be when you make the big transition. Just my little tidbit of enlightenment for the day.

Psychically looking at Anna I see her lost and grieving as she recognizes and faces the reality of what has happen to her. She defiantly needs some healing. If you are reading this send her the energy of love and compassion and see her connecting with her loved ones, guides and teachers in spirit, see her moving into a higher consciousness of light, and taking her next step on her spiritual path. When she is ready, she will forget everything she known, wake up again in someone else’s womb and get to start the whole process of life in the physical over again.

R.I.P. Anna Nicole, you can bet that Lindsey, Britney and Paris are all really pissed you found a way to upstage their limelight for now.


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One Response to “Tortured Soul Anna Nicole”

  1. r Says:

    I went to high school with “Anna Nicole”. I can tell you she was so very different from the woman I see on television that I cannot wrap my mind around the fact it is the same person. The Vicki I knew was a sweet, young for her age, goofy girl, who was in the flag corp in band. I’m looking at her pic now. Her hair was chesnut. Long, shiny and GORGEOUS. She was beautiful but not popular at all. She was quiet. When I think about what must have been happening in her home to make her go from A to Z it sickens me. God rest your soul V.

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